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“Slim Booty” (7c+) – Tafraout, Morocco

In February 2024 we, Felix Kiem, Moritz Plattner, Mara Mungenast and Patrick Tirler, visited Morocco in search of beautiful crack lines in the granite blocks of the Tafraout climbing area. We were immediately fascinated by the magical landscape and climbed some beautiful routes. After climbing Andromeda (7b) on Elephant Rock, our eyes fell on the wide and intimidating crack next to it, which turns steeply to the left.

A “just for fun” project that seemed impossible at first, Felix and Moritz managed to free-climb (pinkpoint) it within a few days, with literal and inevitable blood, sweat and tears. We found ourselves in unexpected places, deep in one-man-wide crevasses and completely stuck with our hands, shoulders and butts. Unnatural positions called for creativity and grit to reach new dimensions. To reach the depth of the crack, it was necessary to hold one’s breath and pull one’s buttocks in. Other important points to remember to avoid getting stuck: place the chalk bag on your left before you start, otherwise you won’t be able to reach it; leave your helmet behind so you can turn your head later; the rest is indescribable and has to be experienced.

Warning: This line is not for claustrophobics!

Otherwise “Slim Booty” (7c+) is highly recommended!


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