Patrick Tirler

Welcome to my website! I am happy to share some of my experiences here. Have fun!

About Me

Climbing as a pure physical challenge has always been too little for me. The already known too boring and a guaranteed success charmless.

Since my childhood I live the mountain sports in a very intense form. I love to discover new areas, to change perspectives, to dive into the unknown. The numerous hikes as a young boy inflamed a curiosity in me that has not been extinguished to this day. The many years in competition climbing have shown me how far one can push one’s limits. Rock climbing is where I discovered a passion for paying attention to the tiny details and admiring nature’s works of art. Alpinism, on the other hand, in its various forms, satisfies my desire for adventure and the thrill of trying out the unknown.

My name is Patrick Tirler and I am a climber, alpinist and mountaineer. Born in 2001, raised in Kastelruth, on the border of the Dolomites, I have found my happiness in the mountains. You can find me in the climbing gym, as well as in the climbing crags and on the mountains of the whole wide world. I am happy to share here on this page, some of my experiences and wish you a lot of fun!




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